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Qaliplus is our approach to simplifying the complexities of Software Testing, offering a unified TestOps solution that’s tailored for the specific needs of Enterprise Web management applications, whether they are utilized within Intranet settings or hosted on the Cloud. Our focus is on making software testing more accessible and efficient for businesses, ensuring that critical Web management applications run smoothly and reliably. Qaliplus is designed to support enterprises in their software development lifecycle, emphasizing ease of use and practicality in testing processes for Web applications that are essential to business operations.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission is to help you to Succeed in your company's web IT projects, whether they are custom-developed or acquired and configured solutions, by ensuring maximum technical, methodological, and organizational coverage.



Centralized multi-project management

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Automated integration with the issues management system

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Real-time reporting and historical depth of various quality indicators

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Comprehensive test reports, enriched with functional data, logs, and captures of each test

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Automated interfacing with any deployment/execution infrastructure (Private servers or Cloud)

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Organization and planning of module and multi-campaign by project

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Frequently Ask Questions

How does Qaliplus manage multi-project environments?

Qaliplus offers centralized multi-project management, enabling streamlined coordination and oversight across all testing activities within your enterprise.

Can Qaliplus integrate with issue management systems?

Yes, it features automated integration with issue management systems to enhance the efficiency and traceability of your testing processes.

What kind of reporting does Qaliplus provide?

Qaliplus provides real-time reporting and a historical view of various quality indicators to measure and improve software quality consistently.

What details are included in Qaliplus test reports?

Test reports are exhaustive and include functional data, logs, and captures for each test, giving you a comprehensive view of test outcomes.

Does Qaliplus support various deployment infrastructures?

Yes, it offers automated interfacing with all types of deployment/execution infrastructures, including both private servers and cloud platforms.

How does Qaliplus handle test planning and organization?

It facilitates organized test planning and scheduling on a module and multi-campaign basis per project, ensuring systematic testing workflows.

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